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Kasper Zülow

My short stay at Accenture at Google

Google eastpoint business park seaside

My short stay at Google arrived for me in a turbulent period in my life. It was mostly because my mother in Denmark is very ill with COPD. I have known that for some time though but when I worked at Google Eastpoint Business park in Ireland my mom was in a critical period of her life. I talked a lot with her at the phone and we decided that it was best for both of me to let me travel back home to Denmark to be with her in a dire situation. I told this to my manager at Google and he were very helpful and could understand my concerns. So before I could enjoy my stay at Google I said farewell to my colleagues and returned home to Denmark in a hurry. I will definetly miss them and all the free perks at Google.

I were not allowed to take pictures at Google, but I hope this picture is okay.

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Kasper Riis Zülow