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Kasper Zülow

We are not studying for the degree

We are not studying for the degree. We are studying for the knowledge itself. I met alot who are unfortunate but they realise the true purpose of education. Where those with the privilige had forgotten what truly important and study for the sake of passing exam and getting degree. Whether it render the degree to be less valuable or not that’s another problem.

Going to higher education should be for the knowledge itself not the degree which is what alot of people are doing. What good is there for a degree holder without retaining any knowledge even the basics of the subjects they’re studying.

It sad to see that alot of my colleague who are degree holders are wasting my time for me to re-teach the basics but my friends who have dreams are unable to achieve their dreams due to being unfortunate. It is just sad we are living in a materialistic world where people worship degree but not the knowledge itself.

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Kasper Riis Zülow