My archievements in GDPR

Today I have reached a milestone. I have completed mostly all gdpr related online courses at and Coursera. Some were difficult to answer, and some were easy; they varied a bit. But all in all, I am thrilled to use my newly acquired skills in GDPR in the future.

I have completed the following courses:

Linkedin Learning: Creating a Culture of Privacy

Linkedin Learning: GDPR Compliance: Essential Training

Linkedin Learning: Understanding and Prioritizing Data Privacy

Coursera: What is compliance?

Coursera: Privacy In Europe

Linkedin Learning: Cybersecurity at Work

Linkedin Learning: Achieving GDPR Compliance with Microsoft Technologies

Linkedin Learning: Learning GDPR



I have also completed a GDPR course from the University of Groningen:

Futurelearn: Understanding of GDPR

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Kasper Riis Zülow