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Eat Fresh


Compliance Professional Officer



Dear Boss,

I am writing to inform you of the necessary features to be installed in the applications in the upcoming project. I am glad to be part of the EatFresh team entertaining the customers for years to maintain healthy recipes for their nutritional needs. The application and digitalization are important for the progress of the company. Eat Fresh is going to launch the application for the customers and the most important concern in this regard is data protection and customers’ privacy. I am writing to discuss two important principles to protect the data.

The purpose limitation is the first feature that is important in this regard because it is observed that the data is leaked and is subjected to fraud and spam due to lack of purpose-limitation. It refers that the application should only collect the data from the targeted population. The targeted population is the obese people concerned with nutritional content-based recipes. If the company allows all other customers who have no purpose in the app, it will be difficult to protect the excessive data, creating issues (Shamsi, 2018).

The next principle is confidentiality and integrity, on which the company should not be negligent. It is seen that the employees are usually involved in such cases where the confidentiality is spoiled. The company should train the employees to be loyal and sincere with the company and customers. All the records should be protected by giving access to trustworthy employees. All the employees are important, but some are considered an important part of the company, and they should be asked to secure the data and collect the information from the public (Bilgihan, 2018).

The company should take care to avoid FTC enforcement below the line. The federal trade commission has to look for the different principles followed by the company. It is observed that FTC is responsible for determining the companies’ spy, malware, privacy, and integrity issues. If any company is found involved in such issues, it will be difficult for the company to entertain the customers. The precautions are necessary because FTC imposes restrictions and a heavy fine on the companies that do not align with them. It is observed that the situation may get worse when such cases are public. Moreover, the company’s reputation goes at stake in such issues, and Eat Fresh has to consider all these requirements (Gimpel, 2018).

In conclusion, EatFresh has competent leadership and loyal employees. They have worked hard to make the company’s reputation, and it is observed that things have been normal since the start. The beginning of application is a new initiative. If the principles mentioned above are followed, it will become easy for the company to attract customers and get revenue extension. The trust of customers and data protection are important features of the application. The upper authorities should consider these data principles and help the company succeed.


Compliance Professional Officer

Eat Fresh


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