Dearest Introverted fellow

Do not allow society to dictate your path and who you should be. You define who you are. Experience life and figure out your passions; the things that speak to you are the things that shape your identity. You are the creator of your purpose and meaning. I know trauma and abuse are difficult things to experience, and I am truly sorry if you’ve had to go through that. We are all small parts in this vast Universe, no one person is bigger or greater than the other; kindness, love, humility, respect, and anything traveling along the wavelength of LIGHT will always prevail over the darkness of the world sooner or later. Laugh a lot!

Seek knowledge for its own sake. Look to nature for tranquility and peace. And always, ALWAYS have a place you can escape the loud, recklessness of the world.

Your soul-sibling

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Kasper Riis Zülow