“Strategic Management of Information Systems” by Pearlson and Saunders

In their book “Strategic Management of Information Systems,” Pearlson and Saunders provide an in-depth analysis of the key concepts and practices related to the strategic management of information systems. They discuss the importance of aligning IS with business strategy and the role of IS in creating competitive advantage. The book also provides a perspective on the challenges and opportunities associated with managing and leveraging technology in organizations.

One of the critical perspectives presented in the book is the importance of effective governance and management of IS to create business value. The authors argue that IS must be managed strategically, focusing on aligning it with business goals and objectives. They also stress the need for effective communication and collaboration between the IS function and other business units to ensure that IS effectively supports the organization’s overall strategy.

Another perspective presented in the book is the role of technology in creating a competitive advantage. The authors discuss how IS can enhance a company’s operations, improve customer service and increase revenue. They also examine how technology can create new business models and revenue streams.

Overall, the book provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the strategic management of information systems and offers practical guidance and strategies for managers and students interested in leveraging technology to create business value.

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