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Kasper Zülow

Ward og Peppard (2005) Strategic Planning for Information Systems, third edition. Chater 3 p. 118 – 135 

In Chapter 3 of “Strategic Planning for Information Systems,” Ward and Peppard (2005) discuss the process of developing an information systems (IS) strategy. The chapter outlines the key steps involved in developing an IS strategy, from understanding the business strategy to defining the IS strategy and evaluating its effectiveness.

The authors argue that the development of an IS strategy should be closely aligned with the business strategy, and should be informed by a thorough understanding of the organization’s goals and objectives. The chapter outlines a framework for understanding the business strategy, including the organization’s mission, vision, and values, as well as its competitive positioning and market context.

The authors also provide guidance on defining the IS strategy, which involves identifying the key IS initiatives that will enable the organization to achieve its business objectives. The chapter presents a range of tools and techniques for defining the IS strategy, including SWOT analysis, critical success factor analysis, and scenario planning.

Finally, the authors discuss the importance of evaluating the effectiveness of the IS strategy, through ongoing monitoring and measurement of key performance indicators. The chapter emphasizes the need for a structured approach to evaluation, including the development of a balanced scorecard to track progress against strategic objectives.

Overall, Ward and Peppard’s chapter provides a comprehensive overview of the process of developing an IS strategy, offering practical guidance and tools for organizations seeking to align their IS strategy with their broader business goals and objectives. The chapter emphasizes the importance of a structured and iterative approach to strategy development, with ongoing monitoring and evaluation to ensure the continued effectiveness of the IS strategy over time.

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