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Kasper Zülow

Ward, Daniels & Peppard: Building Better Business Cases for IT Investments

Ward, Daniels & Peppard (2008) wrote a book titled “Building Better Business Cases for IT Investments” that provides practical guidance on how to create effective business cases for IT investments. The book presents a framework for developing business cases that can help organizations to make better decisions about IT investments.

The authors emphasize the importance of aligning IT investments with business objectives and developing a clear understanding of the costs, benefits, and risks associated with proposed investments. They argue that a well-developed business case can help to ensure that IT investments are strategically aligned with the organization’s goals and that the benefits of those investments are realized.

The book also provides guidance on how to identify and evaluate alternative investment options, how to estimate the costs and benefits of proposed investments, and how to assess the risks associated with those investments. In addition, it offers advice on how to present the business case to decision-makers and how to manage the implementation of IT investments once they have been approved.

Overall, “Building Better Business Cases for IT Investments” is a valuable resource for anyone involved in IT investment decision-making, including business leaders, IT managers, and financial analysts. It provides practical tools and techniques that can help organizations to make more informed and effective decisions about their IT investments, and to realize the full potential of those investments.

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