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Kasper Zülow

Mitra et. al.: Measuring IT Performance and communicating value

The article “Measuring IT Performance and Communicating Value” by Mitra et. al. provides insights on how to measure and communicate the value of information technology (IT) in organizations. The authors argue that IT investments should be assessed based on their contribution to business objectives, rather than just technical metrics.

The article presents a framework for measuring IT performance that includes three categories of metrics: operational, tactical, and strategic. Operational metrics focus on the efficiency and effectiveness of IT operations, such as system availability and response time. Tactical metrics assess how IT supports business processes and activities, such as user satisfaction and process cycle time. Strategic metrics measure the impact of IT on business outcomes, such as revenue growth and cost reduction.

The authors also suggest that IT performance metrics should be communicated to stakeholders in a meaningful and understandable way. They propose a communication framework that includes three components: context, content, and delivery. Context involves providing a clear understanding of the purpose and scope of the IT investment. Content involves presenting the relevant metrics and their significance. Delivery involves selecting the appropriate channels and methods for communicating the information.

Overall, the article emphasizes the importance of aligning IT investments with business goals and using performance metrics to demonstrate the value of IT to stakeholders. By following the framework presented in the article, organizations can better measure and communicate the contribution of IT to business success.

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