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Kasper Zülow

What is IT didactic design?

IT didactic design (also known as digital didactic design) is an approach to teaching and learning where technology plays a central role. IT didactic design involves designing teaching and learning experiences with the aim of creating an optimal learning process, using technological tools as an integrated part.

An IT didactic designer takes into account both the possibilities and limitations of technology in their design of teaching and learning experiences. This means that the designer needs to have a good understanding of both the didactic process and the technological tools used in teaching.

The overall goal of IT didactic design is to create a more effective, engaging, and personalized learning experience for students through the use of technology. This can be achieved by utilizing interactive learning technologies, using digital learning resources and tools, and creating differentiated learning experiences that take into account students’ individual needs and preferences.

It is important to emphasize that IT didactic design is not just about using technology for technology’s sake, but rather about harnessing the potential of technology to create better teaching and learning experiences.

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Kasper Riis Zülow