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Kasper Zülow

Introducing Cybersecurity History & Standards

Cybersecurity was invented as soon as the first group of people attempted to defend from digital attacks. We’ll walk through a brief history of cybersecurity through the 60’s, 70’s, all the way to the 2010’s and the present. The evolution of defensive techniques mirrors the evolution of attack techniques, making this history rife with interesting challenges. You can see in the graph below just how quickly cybersecurity needs to keep up with attacks.A histogram shows that malware infection rates have grown steadily every single year since 2009.

Becoming familiar with standards and regulations

With laws and industry-specific policies, companies and organizations that hold our data are held responsible for protecting our data and thus, our privacy. This sets a balanced expectation of what is personal security practice and what should be built into the tools we use every day.

Without enforcing that trust, we would not be able to carry out sensitive or financial transactions on the web. It would be incredibly difficult to coordinate the training of security professionals. We’ll talk about some widely implemented security frameworks, what constitutes cybercrime, and laws and policies that deal with a specific industry like healthcare or finance. Let’s get into it!

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