SAP: Implementing an SAP Solution

Implementing an SAP Solution is the fifth course in the SAP Technology Consultant Professional Certificate program. You’ll learn how to collaborate with stakeholders and other SAP professionals for key phases in the SAP Implementation lifecycle.

You’ll explore how to build and prepare system and test environments for implementation and look at different types of testing. You’ll learn how to cleanse and anonymize test data, and use automation tools. You’ll look at SAP Best Practice Explorer and build your understanding of baseline configurations and integrations. You’ll learn how to document issues, bugs, and recommended fixes after testing. Plus, you’ll look at the process for going-live and getting sign off for a project. By the end of this course, you will be able to: Explain what a technology consultant does in the implement, monitor and QA/testing phases of the SAP lifecycle. Implement and deploy a technical solution approved in the design, pitch, and re-design phases. Explain how to test an implemented technical solution including creating test plans, writing test scripts, and issuing fix or bug resolutions. Explain how to conduct a post-implementation review including developing the Post-Implementation Review Report and the Post-Production Roadmap.

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Kasper Riis Zülow