Information Architecture (IA) Fundamentals / No expiration date

  • Develop an IA that clearly illustrates the depth of content, its organization and priority.
  • Label and organize content in a way that makes sense to users.
  • Rules and methods for organizing the content and flow of a website, app or system.
  • Identify and diagram the content workflows critical to your product’s success.
  • Work with clients or stakeholders to find out how content should be edited, approved and published.
  • Extend an IA to logical structures and naming conventions of the code files that make the product reality.
  • Make sure your content — and its organization — is relevant, appropriate and useful.
  • Organize the content and flow of any kind of website, app or system.
  • The five core types of IA models, and when to use each type.
  • Five ways to organize and categorize content types that always apply, no matter what you’re creating.
  • The best way to test and validate your IA with clients, stakeholders and users.
  • How to use IA work to develop primary, secondary, global and local navigation.
  • How to determine key navigation paths and test their appropriateness.
  • My tips for rock-solid IA, based on nearly three decades working with the biggest brands in the world.

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Kasper Riis Zülow