Linkedin Learning: Understanding and Prioritizing Data Privacy / Oct. 2021

Get an introduction to the basics of data privacy: what it is, why it matters, and who it impacts, from consumers and private citizens to policymakers and C-suite business leaders. Michelle Dennedy, one of the data privacy community’s strongest advocates, uses straight talk and engrossing stories and scenarios to illustrate why data privacy is becoming one of the most critical technology issues in our world today. Find out how organizations can build more robust systems, and extract maximum value from the data we do have access to. Explore what happens when data gets into the wrong hands, and learn what we need to know in order to protect ourselves in the face of a data-driven future.
Learning objectives
  • Relate the concept of data as intellectual property.
  • Examine the ways in which moral, legal, and ethical concerns apply to data privacy.
  • Explain how context applies to personal private information.
  • Recognize the motivations of individuals accessing data they are not authorized to access.
  • Define the implications of moral crumple zones.
Skills covered
  • Data Privacy

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Kasper Riis Zülow